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Correct Score Predictions & Tips

Get today's correct score predictions and betting tips - provided by our expert tipsters. Our award-winning team share correct score doubles and tips every single day, giving you the best chance of bashing the bookies with this wager. 

Today's Correct Score Double & Tips

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Sunday 24th June

Start time: 1.00pm

England 2-0 Panama
Poland 1-1 Colombia
We will be posting correct score predictions and tips all through the World Cup. Find more World Cup predictions here.

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Correct Score

A correct score wager is pretty self-explanatory. A sports book will offer a range of odds on many of the most common scores in a game of football (and if you want to back a score that's not offered then you can simply contact the sports book and ask them to give you odds) and you choose the score you think's most likely to be the result when the referee blows for full time. For example, if you think Arsenal are going to beat Liverpool two-nil, then that's the score you wager upon. If after ninety minutes and stoppages Arsenal have beaten Liverpool two-nil then your bet is a winning one.

Why back a correct score tip?

You may ask yourself that instead of backing a correct score tip, why not back the win/draw/lose result instead? Surely you're more likely to be a winner predicting Arsenal to beat Liverpool (as in the example outlined above) than specifically predicting that Arsenal will win two-nil? 

The answer to this query is that with a correct score tip, you will receive better odds for your prediction than for a straight win/draw/lose single. Going back to our example, you're likely to get odds of around 8/5 of Arsenal beating Liverpool, but the odds on an Arsenal two-nil victory will be around 10/1, which is a significant increase. You'll simply win more cash if your correct score wager turns out to be a winner, than simply backing Arsenal to win.

How accurate are your correct score predictions?

In all honesty, correct score predictions are the most difficult wagers to get right, which is why sports books offer increased odds for punters willing to give it a go. We certainly do our best at identifying games where the correct score we suggest is the most likely to happen, and we avoid games where the identity of the winners is completely up in the air, never mind what the final score is likely to be. 

To gauge correct scores we use all the football knowledge he have gathered over our time in the football tips business to give as accurate correct score predictions as we possibly can.

What is a correct score double?

Sometimes, we are so confident in our tips that we will not just give you the best correct score tip we can find, we will actually give you two tips that we think you really ought to combine as a double. This means that the potential winnings you will receive from the first tip will be used as the stake on the second tip. By doing this as opposed to placing two singles, you are likely to increase your winnings at least five times over. 

The only downside to this betting technique is that both correct score tips have to be winners in order for your entire bet to be a winner, but the money back you will receive is certainly worth the risk.

How to back a correct score tip

You of course will need an account at an online sports book in order to place a correct score wager. Every sports book is different, but football is given pride of place at many of them, so finding the match we're recommending as a correct score tip should not be too difficult. Simply scroll through the menus until the game in question is located. 

You should find your fixture as a listing row – click on the number on the right hand side of the row to be taken through to the fixture's own page. Here you will likely find a range of common scores that you can wager on, and our tip should be covered. Simply click the scoreline you predict to add it to your bet slip, then set the amount of your money that you wish to wager.

Winning tips from expert tipsters

We've got a wealth of daily betting tips available on all the day's football fixtures. 

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