Total Corners Predictions

Our expert tipsters crunch the numbers to reveal the best total corners predictions available on today’s games. Find out which bets we are backing and the stats behind our picks.

Total Corners

Today | 12:30 pm | £10 bet returns £30
  • Leicester vs Tottenham Over 12 Corners (2/1) - England - Premier League

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A £10 bet returns £30. Odds correct at the time of writing.

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What are total corners predictions?

If you know your football, then you’ll know how a corner is awarded. If you don’t, well, if a team kicks the ball over their own goal-line, then the opposition is awarded a corner (if the opposition team do it, it’s a goal-kick). This is taken from the corner quadrant that’s the same side of the pitch as side of the goal that the ball left the field of play. You can bet on the number of corners that are conceded during any game. Typically, this will be the number of corners won by both teams in total, but you can also wager on the number of corner conceded by one side if you wish. You usually wager upon over or under a certain amount of corners being won.

Total corners statistics

You may think that the amount of corners won during a match is completely random, but that’s not the case at all. An attacking team will always win a higher amount of corners than a defensive one, for a start. Some defences may concede a lot of corners as they are very good at dealing with them. Other teams with forwards whom are good in the air may play in a certain style that gains a great deal of corners as they’ve developed a decent habit of scoring from them. All this information is factored into our total corners tips. Our tips are never just a case of sticking in a pin in a set of random numbers – we do the research so we can do our best to make sure our tips are the best in the business. We keep records of each team’s performance in every game, and most importantly when it comes to this bet, the number of corners they both earn and concede. That gives us a significant advantage in understand which team’s matches tend to be the most corner-friendly, enabling us the give accurate tips.

Why back our total corners tips?

While it is easy for sports books to be confident in the odds they give for a team to win, the number of goals to be scored, or whether both teams are likely to score (or not), they are less than confident at the odds they will give for the total corners won. They typically have a sliding scale they use across the board, and it’s one that takes little into account about the teams that are involved. We find you value bets by taking our analysis to the next level. This give us a significant advantage over bookmakers and that’s why you should trust our tips.

How can I place a total corners bet?

All online sports books will enable you to place a ‘total corners bet’ on any game you may want to choose. This is now a very popular bet, so it’s something that nearly every online bookmakers will facilitate. You just need to head to your favourite sports book where you have an account and find the game in question. You can find the most basic bets via the games’ simple listing, but to bet on total corners you need to find the specific game’s individual page. Once you’ve done that, simply scroll through the options until you find ‘total corners’ – instead of betting on a specific number of corners you may find individual ranges, or betting on whether they’ll be over or under an exact number (usually 8.5).