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Over / Under 2.5 Goals Tips & Predictions

Looking for winning over / under goals tips? Our team of expert tipsters crunch the numbers to share the most reliable over / under 2.5 goals tips and betting predictions around.

Today's Over / Under 2.5 Goals Tips

Sunday 24th June

Start time: 1.00pm

England v Panama - Under 2.5 
Japan v Senegal - Over 2.5
New York FC v Toronto - Over 2.5

A £10 bet on this treble with Coral returns £70

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Over 2.5 Goals Predictions

When you place an over 2.5 goals bet, you are wagering that in the game in question there will be over 2.5 goals in the game. Don't be confused by the '.5' bit as it is not possible to score half a goal of course – it's just an easy way of saying 'three goals or more'. 

It doesn't matter which team scores the goals or the final scoreline of the game – as long as the match contains three goals at least, then your bet is a winning one. It could be three-nil, two-one, one-two, two-two, or even five-five - as long as the net bulges at least three times, your bet will win. 

Under 2.5 Goals

Sometimes, we may review a game and feel it's going to be an undeniably tight affair – maybe a single goal game, a nil-nil draw or a match in which the sides will find the back of the net just once each. 

On these occasions we'd recommend that you bet 'under 2.5 goals' or 'over 2.5 goals no' as some sports books will term it. This will win if the game contains a total of two goals or less.

How does over / under 2.5 goals betting work?

You simply select your game, then choose to back 'over 2.5 goals' or 'under 2.5 goals' as you see fit or as we suggest with one of our tips. Your bet is in action as soon as the first ball is kicked and you cannot withdraw it (although at most online sports books you should be free to cash-out at any stage). 

With an 'over 2.5 goals' bet your bet is a loser until the third goal is scored, at which point your bet becomes a winner and your sports book pays out. With an 'under 2.5 goals' bet your bet is a winner until the third goal is scored, at which point it becomes a loser – unless it remains a winner until the referee blows the final whistle.

What are the advantages of over / under 2.5 goals?

The main advantage of an over 2.5 goals bet is that once it becomes a winner, it then subsequently cannot become a loser. This is different to single bets that can become winners (when the side you're betting on takes the lead) and then losers (when the side you're betting on is pulled level or goes behind). Once an over 2.5 goals bet wins, it cannot then lose. 

An under 2.5 goals bet automatically starts off as a winning bet, and continues to be a winning bet until the third goal of the game is scored, at which point it becomes a losing bet, which it will remain.

Over / Under 2.5 goals betting strategy

You may think that most football matches have at least three goals, but that's not actually the case. In fact, the most common football score of all time is a one-all draw, which of course is less than 2.5 goals. 

The best games to bet on are when two teams that are both high-scoring and high-conceding meet up. If prolific attacks meet leaky defences at both ends of the pitch, then the chances are that more than three goals will be scored. 

These are the types of games that we look for when it comes to selecting our over 2.5 goals betting tips.

How to back over / under 2.5 goals tips

Once you have signed into an online sports book at which you are a member, scroll through the various menus until you get to the football section. Usually, this is not too difficult to do as football is habitually the most prominent market at most sports books. 

Find the entry in the rows of fixtures for the game you wish to wager upon. At the right-hand side of the fixture details, you should find a number. Click this to be taken through to the game's specific page. Scroll down until you find '2.5 goals' – you should find buttons for 'under' and 'over'. Click on the appropriate button to add the wager to your bet slip, the set the amount you've chosen to gamble with.

Where can I find the best over 2.5 goals tips?

Right here at We analyse every forthcoming game, following teams that tend to score a lot and looking out for games against teams that tend to concede a lot. It's helpful if high-scoring teams tend not to be too bothered about keeping clean sheets, as that increases the chances of any game in which they are involved containing at least three goals. 

For under 2.5 goals tips we search for teams with tight defences and goal-shy attacks coming up against sides who are hard-wired to do exactly the same. We particularly look for sides that have a habit of grinding out one-nil wins, or draw one-one when away from home.

Looking for more football tips?

We're not called FootballTips for nothing, our award-winning team work around the clock to bring you the best free betting tips around. 

Follow us on Twitter @FootballTips for the latest tips and predictions from our team.

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